News and Exhibitions

Extended range of limit switch boxes

SAF is constantly committed to improving, renewing and enlarging the series of its components, and the limit switch boxes are no exception. With this in mind, the four series of the SB100, SB200, SB400 and SB500 aluminum limit switch boxes have recently been enriched and improved. For example, an interesting version equipped with pneumatic limit … Continue reading

6 April 2021 News

New Air Dryer Mufflers by SAF

The SAF’s new Air Dryer Muffler S16 series is a metal silencer specifically designed to manage the service issues associated with desiccant regenerative type air dryers, which often expel air laden with moisture and desiccant dust. The primary stage traps particulates, allowing the clean air to escape freely through the secondary stage, which also has … Continue reading

24 March 2021 News

SAF green power

Since its inception, SAF has considered central a strongly oriented vision towards the future. Industrial production, therefore, cannot (and must not!) be antithetical to environmental conservation and therefore to the protection of the future of the next generations. With this in mind, renewable sources today play a role of primary importance in pursuing the objectives … Continue reading

16 February 2021 News

2021 Actuators and Accessories Catalogue

The 2021 issue of SAF’s Actuators & Accessories Catalogue is now available! This new catalogue contains various interesting new products, and also te improvements made on the components already present in the wide range of the company. Furthermore are reported all the update relating to the recent ATEX directive, as well as the indications for … Continue reading

2 February 2021 News

Stainless Steel Handweel Gearbox

The GBXSS is the SAF’s all-new series of Handweel Gearbox fully made in Stainless Steel. These Handweel Gearbox without declutch are available in two sizes, and are suitable for butterfly valves, ball valves and similar. The AISI 304 Stainless Steel (on request also AISI 316 can be supplied) is perfect for applications where is requested … Continue reading

18 January 2021 News