New Atomuffler (Air Dryer Muffler)

New Atomuffler (Air Dryer Muffler)

The SAF’s new Ato Muffler S16 series is a metal silencer specifically designed to manage the service issues associated with desiccant regenerativetype air dryers, which often expel air laden with moisture and desiccant dust.

The primary stage traps particulates, allowing cleaner air to escape freely through the secondary stage, which also has a noise reduction function.

Fully made of aluminum (with steel tie rods), they are equipped with a noise absorbing fiber cartridge coated with a metal drilled plate. The atomufflers series S16 are available in many sizes, from 1/8″ up ​​to 6″.
On request they can be supplied for use at pressures up to 40bar.

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