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Metal Silencers 2023 Leaflet

The 2023 Metal Silencers Brochure is now available, dedicated to SAF metal mufflers and silencers. The company, indeed, has enriched and completed its series. After adding to the original series S16 the S16D, composed by mufflers specifically designed for air drying plants, SAF has also added the S16/40 series, able of withstanding pressures up to … Continue reading

10 May 2023 News

Preview – All new S19 and S22

The all new plastic silencers series S19 and S22 are on the way. With these new versions, characterized by the polyethylene nipple and a filtering part in porous polyethylene , SAF want to meet the growing market’s needs with an ever faster response. Series S19 and series S22 will also be fully interchangeable with the … Continue reading

29 April 2022 News

New Air Dryer Mufflers by SAF

The SAF’s new Air Dryer Muffler S16 series is a metal silencer specifically designed to manage the service issues associated with desiccant regenerative type air dryers, which often expel air laden with moisture and desiccant dust. The primary stage traps particulates, allowing the clean air to escape freely through the secondary stage, which also has … Continue reading

24 March 2021 News